Many people we talk to find statistics and the whole data management process scary. Trying to choose a study design, discuss data capture systems, explore analysis methods and proposed presentation of results seems to induce a sense of near panic as people are forced to enter this seemingly chaotic, unknown and unwanted territory.

The only thing more daunting than these concepts is having to talk to a statistician. At Statistical Revelations we are different! We understand that not everyone can think in terms of formulae, matrices and vectors; that deciding which side of the magical ‘0.05’ the P-value must lie is, at best, a 50:50 chance of getting it right. Let us take the fear factor away and generate a sense of calm and tranquility, knowing that the statistical and data management considerations are in good hands.

We have worked in most therapeutic areas providing statistical and data management support for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as supporting clinicians and government initiatives in clinical trials, observational studies, registries and database analyses which underpin evidence-based best practice initiatives.

No project is too small and no challenge is too big. Furthermore, in this modern age, we do not limit our services to our own doorstep. We work with and for organizations around the globe who find our expertise and productivity (we work while they sleep) ensures their projects are delivered to a high standard, in the required timeframes and on budget.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and demonstrate how we can help you maximise the returns from your research efforts.

Please explore our website and feel free to contact us for further information.