Transforming data into knowledge

The design and layout of the data collection tool is a vital step in the attainment of high quality data, and hence credible results. At Statistical Revelations we can review your CRF or design one for you to maximize data accuracy and minimize queries and cost. The design of the CRF is highly influential on the cost of the database build, the quality of data collected from the sites and the extent of data queries required. Consulting an experienced team, such as ours, can help provide sensible structure for your data collection and result in high quality data more quickly.

What happens if you want a combination of an eCRF and a “paper-based” CRF? Not a problem! We will work with you to develop the data capture process. Once the data fields are defined it doesn’t matter if the process will be paper based, web-based or a combination of both. We will work with you to develop a CRF; this tool could be used for paper based data collection (and consequently becomes a key tool in the specification of the data entry screens) or for electronic data collection via the web. The same well constructed, well laid out and well conceived CRF can be a pivotal document for either system, and therefore can be used in both systems and allows maximum flexibility! In our experience, this is a service lacking in some of the “top-end” eCRF solutions, but we can readily encompass a hybrid solution in a cost effective manner; because we think clinically and practically, like you do, but we also bring a wealth of experience in data management.