We worked with Annie and the Statistical Revelations team at Elastagen over several years, covering clinical studies both in Australia, Europe and the US. The Stats Rev team are fantastic to work with, have a great personal approach, and were fully engaged in our clinical studies - interested in the science & rationale behind our products and the indications we were targeting. They worked closely with our team and trial site staff globally to design and execute our studies, helped us develop & validate innovative endpoints and didn't try and shoe horn us into a set process or system. The data and reports produced were excellent, presenting solid statistical data in a manner that is easy to comprehend, captured the key study outputs and were easy to interpret. I would definitely work with Annie and the Stats Rev team again if given the opportunity.

Dr. Robert Daniels, Chief Executive at Elastagen Pty Ltd


Annie is a great person that I highly recommend to people looking for a strategically powerful partner, who can understand / translate / apply a unique blend of clinical comprehension with her statistical expertise. It has been my pleasure to work with Annie in Australia, China and Europe. She was able to understand needs across cultures, sense-check solutions in different environments, and coach teams to unlock value through break through thinking. Annie has strong knowledge of international standards, and differences between EMA, FDA and TGA standards, that she can guide clients to navigate.

Dr. Alexander Condoleon, Vice President, Head of the Virtual Healthcare Franchise - US, General Medicines Business Unit at Sanofi


The work with Statistical Revelations has been turning an urgent, stuck and potentially failing development of a study design, Statical Analysis Plan and an Electronic Data Management totally around. Coming in with only 2 month left to deliver, we could not have reached this company critical milestone on time and certainly not at this quality level. What I especially appreciate is that Statistical Revelations breaks down the task also for the non-math and statistics trained client into understandable and manageable packages to make informed decisions. They teamed up seamlessly with our external EDC programmers and through focused, including late hour and weekend work the timelines and deliverables were all met. I’d like in particular that they take the end users view and strive for continuous improvement of useability and simplicity. We still work with them and would do so any time without any hesitation.

Dr. Oliver Steinbach, Vice President Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Imagion Biosystems


Our team has worked with Annie at Statistical Revelations on a strategically important project for the last two years. We have found her an enormously valuable team member who brings more than numbers to our discussions and debate. Not only are we highly confident of her domain knowledge, but her ability to anticipate problems and questions is a testament to her experience. For example, her questions on data collection, study design and ultimate purpose are a reliable feature of her personality, and if not previously anticipated by us, then we know we have missed something. With her clear direction and experiences comes flexibility and strong listening skills. She is constructive in working with regulatory agencies on complex problems. Projects like these can often get intense as trials kick off and deadlines approach – Annie and her team are always calm, reliable and add good chemistry to the team. The approach to billing and contracts is equally reliable - transparent and reasonable. 

Kerry Hegarty, Director, Incisive Technologies


Annie is a great biostatistician - extremely easy to work with, conveys complex statistics in a way that is easily understood, takes the commercial development context of the problem into account when providing solutions, is cognizant of industry constraints and expectations and is very creative with her statistical approaches to generate workable solutions. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Dr. Damien Bates, Acting Chief Executive Officer at BioCurate Pty Ltd