Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help

Exciting times but a little daunting? Let us join you and we can “face the unknown” together

At Statistical Revelations we realize it is a big step from the lab to the clinic. We can guide you through the oncoming wave of study designs, sample sizes, data management options and analysis requirements. We realize that amongst all this excitement there is limited budget available until you can get some “runs on the board”. We will discuss with you the places where you can compromise and save a few dollars and the places where you shouldn’t.

We love new discoveries and are keen to help you get your innovation to "market". However, not every product will make it and we can work with your team to design early phase/proof of concept studies to assess as early as possible whether your current product should enter full development.

We offer statistical specialization in early phase studies including:
• Proof of concept
• First in man Phase I
• Dose selection Phase II
• Establish Maximum Tolerated Dose in oncology dose response
• Dose response studies
• Innovative study designs to maximize your “bang for your buck”

We actively keep abreast of the developments in study design; including Bayesian statistics and adaptive designs.