Careful planning is the key

We understand that cost is important and at times patients are in short supply. We will not simply “traipse out the standard phase 1/II or III design” and expect your study to fit. We will work with your team to establish the goals of your study and consider designs applicable to the research question. This may include new, efficient approaches to early phase studies or a well thought-out observational study. We will work with you to explore the best approach to obtain the information you require and design a data management and analysis solution best suited to your particular situation.

Statistical Revelations provides a vital link between study design and statistical analysis. With a dual background in scientific research and statistics, we at Statistical Revelations are uniquely positioned to work with you to show you the way to achieve the best study design for your experimental setting.

We can provide the expertise to ensure that the final study design is sufficiently powered, suitably randomised and is accessible to the appropriate statistical methods to ensure that the goals of the study are addressed. We will listen to your requirements and work with your team to devise a programme suitable for you, not forcing you to fit a standard framework.