Making the complex simple

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the ever-increasing range of statistical methods and complexity being reported in the medical literature? Do you feel you may be swamped by the wave? Ever wondered what that method is about? When should it be used? When should it not be used? When are the simple methods at least as good?

At Statistical Revelations we understand that all research personnel are required to become more and more conversant with complex statistical methodology. We can offer education tailored to your specific needs, where the emphasis is industry specific, and the aim is to develop an intuitive understanding of the various statistical tools available, with minimal involvement of statistical theory.

We can work with your medical and marketing departments to provide statistical education for the non-statistician, not only to your team in-house, but also to your clients, the medical specialists. We have been involved in numerous pharmaceutical company sponsored sessions for medical registrars/specialists to provide education in statistical issues/study design/ literature review.

We are “user friendly” and provide intuitive, non-formula-based algorithms to assist your staff and your key customers, the medical specialists.